Song Gao

Conference Reviews

  • Reviewer, 2010 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence
  • Reviewer, 2011 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation


  • Asclepiers
Autumn, 2009 - Present
– An Internet-based distributed automated HAART designer
– Supported by National Innovative Experiments Program for College Students
– Powered by an innovative architecture for distributed evolutionary computation, which is Internet-friendly and suitable for volunteer-contributed computing

Serve as: 
Team Leader & Principal Programmer

Experience Gained:
– Basic experience of using Google Native Client & Google App Engine
– Basic experience of GNU build system
– Experience of Using Java & Javascript Language

Prof. Zhihua Cai,

  • Distributed Automated Antenna Designer

Summer, 2008 - Present

– Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China
– Innovation: Using Multi-Objective EA to optimize Antenna
– Ability to automatically design feasible antenna meeting specifications of NASA X-BAND 5 (Simulated Result)

Serve as:
Architecture Designer & User Interface Designer & Principal Programmer (Autumn, 2008 - Summer, 2009)
Programming Adviser (Autumn, 2009 - Present)

"The achievement of these students is absolutely outstanding at any level - local, national or international."
                                                                                                                                                                         - Bob Mckay (Prof. at SNU)
"This team developed algorithms and software for  automated antenna design. The simulated results are satisfying. Their work has been published in AHS conference, showing that their technologies approaches internationally advanced level."
                                                                                                                                                                         - Zhengjun Li (Expert at CASTC)

Experience Gained:
– Experience of Distributed Evolutionary Computation and Evolutionary Algorithms
– Experience of .Net Development, including Reflection and Design Patterns, and specially improved with WPF and WCF
– Experience of db4o
– Basic experience of handling numerical experiments and writing academic papers
– Basic experience of Virtualization

Prof. Sanyou Zeng,

  • Instant Messenger with Message Relay

Winter, 2007 - Spring, 2008

– Passed the first round in Microsoft Imagin Cup 2008
– Introduced an innovative IM concept, making it possible for a single account to serve a number of users(by using message relay between public and private IDs), which is useful for customer consulting service over Internet

Serve as: 
Team Leader & Principal Programmer

Experience Gained:
– Basic experience of deploying and using Subversion
– Basic experience of .Net Development, including WPF and .Net Remoting
– Some experience of team communication

Prof. Hui Li,