Song Gao
Auburn University
PhD Student, Majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering

China University of Geosciences(Wuhan)
Bachelor, Majoring in Computer Science and Technology
Rank: 10 / 120

No. 1 Middle School Attached to CCNU
2011 - present

2007 - 2011

2004 - 2007


Outstanding Student of CUG
Grand Prize in Provincial Challenge Cup Competition
Second Prize in National Challenge Cup Competition 
Departmental Science Star
Talented Student of Innovotion
Excellent Student in Activities of CUG
Second Prize in Departmental Contest of Extracurricular Works
Outstanding Student of CUG
Second Prize in Scientific Papers Report of CUG
First Prize in Departmental Scientific Papers Report

Autumn, 2010
Summer, 2009
Autumn, 2009
Autumn, 2009
Spring, 2009
Summer, 2008
Spring, 2008
Winter, 2008
Winter, 2007


Academic Scholarship of CUG
People’s Scholarship
Bodhi Grant
Autumn, 2010
Spring, 2008 - Summer, 2010
Autumn, 2009


Excellent Agent of Art in Student Union 
Class Chairman

Autumn, 2007 - Autumn, 2008
Autumn, 2007 - Summer, 2008